Types of Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

Types of Sports Injuries. Acute or chronic?

It depends on where the injury occurs within the body and how serious it is. Injuries of the body are usually categorised in one of two ways: acute or chronic.

Types of Sports Injuries – Acute injuries

Types of injuries refer to sports injuries that happen suddenly. The most common cases of acute injuries are contusions, tendon and muscle strains, ligament sprains and bone fractures. Acute injuries cause weakness, tenderness, swelling, pain and the inability to use or put weight on the injured area.

Types of Sports Injuries – Chronic injuries

Sports injuries which occur over a longer time period are referred to as overuse injuries. Signs and symptoms of injuries are stress fractures, tendinitis and bursitis. Chronic injuries lead to weakness, tenderness, swelling, pain and the inability to use or put weight on the area.

Sprained knee

Types of Injuries – Classification of injuries

In addition to classifying sports injuries as acute or chronic, injuries can also be categorised according to their severity. Injuries are graded as mild, moderate and severe.


Mild injuries will have less swelling and pain. It will not affect athletic performance and the affected area is not tender to touch and not deformed at all.


A moderate injury involves swelling and some pain. It will have a limiting effect on athletic performance and the area that is affected will be tender to touch. There might be some discolouration at the injury.


A severe injury will result in swelling and more pain. It will affect sporting performance and normal daily tasks. The injury site is usually tender to touch, and deformity and discolouration are common.

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