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Omoyele Davey

Lucas is an amazing sports massage therapist who tailors each of our sessions depending on what my muscles need. I come away every time, feeling better and aches eased. Cannot recommend him highly enough. I even booked the course of 10 sessions to ensure I’m looking after my body! Best sports massage Watford.

Mark Jervaise

Thank you Lucas for a great sports massage. I feel much better now. I have less pain and my range of movement is significantly improved.


I guess all the other 5***** reviews have covered all the keys points! what else can I write?
To cut the story short Lucas is good at what he is doing!
I have been having therapy for number of weeks now, due to long term shoulder, back and neck pains! and he has manage to loosen me up! in my case it was no pain no gain! and yes i shall carry on with a monthly MOT visits as he is that good.

Robert Wyman

I highly recommend Lucas. He found all of the sore spots without me telling him. Always the right amount of pressure. Give him a try!

Krasimira Emilova

It was my first massage and I was happy. Received info for my back problem straight afterwords, which is greatly appreciated. I’m looking forward to see how my back will improve after a few more times. I would recommend it.

Lorraine Ford

Been suffering with a tight shoulder for a week and have returned to Lucas who was fantastic. After an hour, my back, neck and shoulders are completely relaxed. Lucas is very professional and highly recommended!

jazzlover jonny

Lucas is great at massage, very professional and diligent in his work, and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Lee Webber

Lucas gave me a refreshing leg massage following my first marathon. It left me feeling light and flexible again. Will definitely be returning to keep my legs loose

Stephen Doyle

Great experience, very helpful and I will be coming back! Thank You Lucas

Anna Cooper

Great treatment today. My legs are marathon ready, all the tightness gone, looking forward to my post-marathon treatment

Louisa Taylor

Lucas has really helped me with my tight shoulder that I’ve had problems with for years. He provided exercises and advice for how to prevent it in the future. Super friendly service that I will definitely be recommending

Isidora Manojlovic

I had three sessions with Lucas and it really helped me get rid of my tense shoulder and neck muscles. I have developed sciatica because of the tensions but haven’t had any pain since my first session.
Will continue seeing Lucas to maintain a healthy back!

Ben Ward

Great service, knowledge and treatment. Lucas is highly recommended.

Marcus Trower

Brilliant at carpal tunnel

Kristina Mayi

Lucas is very professional. Highly recommended!

Rahim Qureshi

Lucas is fantastic. I will be booking another session with him shortly!

Ben Hyams

Lucas is fantastic, honestly can’t recommend his services enough. I’m an athlete and have been to countless masseuses over the years and Lucas is for sure the best! Will defiantly be returning every month for check ups… Keep up the good work!

Jorge Montero Avila

Best therapist in Watford.

Shabber Ahmed

Lucas is a gem of a find. He is attentive and patient which makes one feel at ease when explaining any issues. I’d say he has magic hands which have alleviated my long standing neck and shoulder issues.

Simon Peat

I was recommended to Lucas via both a Personal Trainer friend and my wife who both have benefitted from his therapy. I had a niggly back injury and after resting for a bit, I went to see him. He gave good advice about posture and proper warming up and then got to work on my back and shoulders. Injury definitely feels better, plan to see Lucas again.

Selwyn Weekes

An unbelievably relaxing and theraputic hour spent having knots and tightness removed from my glutes and back that were the source of months of tension. I honestly felt intoxicated by the stess relief throughout my back, and neck.

Janet Tibbles

Lucas was extremely knowledgably in his field. The treatment I received for my back condition was excellent.

christopher charles

Excellent…. I’ve had back problems for many yrs from combat sports, weight training and being in the building trade… I felt the benefits from my 1st visit and was given valuable information on how to distribute my weight whilst at work rather than standing in awkward positions for long periods of time.

I’m booking an appointment for each month from now on…!!!

Chris Giannone

I went to Lucas following an injury and i can honestly say he has worked wonders on me. He a really nice guy working in a clean and welcoming workspace – highly recommended

Waqar Ishfaq

Legend of a guy! I’ve been to many people up and down the country ( I work away a lot) and nothing seems to help improve the situation as my neck starts to hurt again after a few weeks. Everytime I come to Lucas, I feel better and know that I’m making progression. He is genuine, and you can tell that he cares to make a difference as well! Very good guy, genuine and all round top man! Can have a very good laugh also so the sessions are always enjoyable. Keep it up brother and I’ll be seeing you this week hopefully!

Balázs Molnár

I’ve been procrastinating for so long to have my lower back pain checked. I found out about Lucas Massage Therapy via Google, looking at reviews for therapists in the area. Lucas came up with some of the highest reviews.
I’ve had 4 therapy sessions so far, and I’ve got not only just an awesome and effective massage every time, but a lot of info about what I can do to at home, between the sessions to help even further.
I strongly recommend Lucas Massage Therapy.

Jamie Stungo

Lucas has supreme skills and his treatments have saved me from extreme pain and discomfort. I would go every week if I could. Highly recommended.

deborah johnson

Thank goodness I found Lucas as he is doing a tremendous job of healing my post operation stiff back when everyone failed. Extremely professional massage therapy and obvious knowledge, I won’t be seeing anyone else now for my golfing aches and pains


Lucas is absolutely brilliant! Professional and always friendly. After years of search I’ve finally found a massager who actually knows what he is doing! Would more than recommend!

Vivienne Jones

Really feel blessed to have found Lucas and will never visit a high street company for massage again. Professional, high standard treatment room, and really good benefits post treatment, have me returning. Lucas is attentive and polite and very good at his profession. Highly recommend 💯

Gliss Beauty

I would highly recommend Luca. He is extremely professional as well as friendly with a great sense of humour. 👍🏽

Vicky Rose

Lucas your professionalism, concern and friendliness were much appreciated.

My appointment was needed and I feel do much better for going.

Your treatment did me the world of good. What a pleasant experience.

See you again soon

Jeanie Sagat

Luca is extremely professional but displays a great sense of humour and also kindness while performing his treatments. He listens carefully to any issues and ensures that the treatment is correctly targeted while making his client as comfortable as possible. There is a lovely atmosphere in his studio and it is exceptionally well presented, clean and neat. His sessions are very affordable and absolute great value for money. I will recommend him to anyone who requires this service and will be returning to him in future for my ongoing treatments as well.

Christine Gangadia

Very professional, to the point, results!
Very good value for money.

Martin H

A therapeutic magician. Really impressed with Lucas, his knowledge and care. Definitely recommend.

Natalie Dawes

I highly recommend Lucas Massage Therapy. Lucas is professional, highly skilled and makes you feel 100% comfortable. Every time I leave an appointment with Lucas, I am a million times better. In two sessions, Lucas has relieved the severe pain I was experiencing due to tension. He is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to understand the problem you are having. Thank you, Lucas!!

Daniela Pavel

I have contacted Lucas after a shoulder injury. It was very easy to book appointments online at a convenient time. After 5 sessions of weekly deep tissue massage my shoulder was starting to behave normally and the pain settled. The massage was painful but did the magic.
My job increases the risk of repetitive strain injuries but with the help of Lucas and regular exercises I can now continue with my normal life. Thank you Lucas!

Heather Sturgess

Thank you for fixing my calves in time to complete the marathon! I cannot believe how much better my legs are. 6 weeks out from race day and I was starting to fear runs because my achilles tendons were beginning to scream at me again. I have tried everything to fix them in the past- MRIs to check for injury, treatments, hours of physio, all sorts of trainers, total rest. After 6 sessions (once weekly) here, I’ve stopped dreading my runs, have more ‘spring’ in my calves and managed to finish the marathon with healthy legs. Thank you Lucas- I can’t believe the difference.

Liviu Octavian Lita

Went to Lucas with some shin splints and some lower back pain. He is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and his service was the best. After just two appointments, my problems almost gone. I would definitely try it again and I would sincerely recommend him to anybody who needs this kind of service.


Went to see Lucas for treatment of backache caused by heavy lifting/bad posture. The massage was quite intense in places and certainly effective as movement much easier afterwards and felt very ‘destressed’. Lucas has a very calming manner. Would highly recommend.

Robin Sol

Lucas has really helped me with my calf problem that have been sufferings for many months. I had many different treatments but none has worked. However, after the first appointment with Lucas I saw a great improvement in following days which allowed me to start walking without too much pain. Highly recommend Lucas and cant thank him enough.

corinne 108

Very relaxing and deep massage. Not fixed yet, but definitely seen improvement, with a few more sessions hopefully I’ll be pain free again

Dhina B

Very Good Professional Service! Highly Recommend the Place!

david smith

Very professional, quality provision. Lucas clearly knows his art.

Paul Weiss

High quality sports massage delivered by knowledgeable and friendly Lucas.

Thomas Smith

I visited Lucas after a sports injury and have returned regularly ever since for maintenance and injury prevention. Always works wonders on any aches and pains. Very knowledgeable and highly recommended.

David Cox

Top man, could massage out a Gordian knot, and has done for me.

Hogan Dom

Lucas is brilliant at what he does and always reliable

Dillon Chana

I have been seeing Lucas for some time now for various strains and after every session I always feel looser then before. I recommend highly to anyone wanting to be treated.

Ajay Tamoli

I would strongly recommend Lucas Massage Therapy. Lucas is very professional and experienced. He has a great understanding what he does and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Gerard Loftus

Great approach. Listened to my issues and really addressed them. Would definitely recommend Lucas

Mr Curwen

This is an excellent service. Really easy to book online. Easily accessible and parking available. Lucas is very professional, helpful, attentive and customer focused. The massage is excellent and is helping me stay injury free as an athlete.

Damon Percival

Was looking at various local massage places due to my back taking some punishment at work. Went with Lucas due to the high quality reviews. Thus to say he did not disappoint. Very welcoming, good sense of humour and clearly knows his stuff. My back felt instantly better after the therapy. Definitely recommend.

Philip Lam

It has been over a year since my last sports massage and it’s been a year of working from home at a dining table sitting on a dining chair with zero support so my back and shoulders were not a in a good state at all.

I was recommended Lucas from my manager and he was excellent. Lucas took the time to ask questions and understand my needs and my session was tough but needed! He really worked my back and was very thorough but he communicated with me during my massage to ensure I wasn’t in any pain. He’s also good at aftercare by emailing me info about exercises at home, diet and advice on desk posture.

The studio is very clean, spacious, professional and I was very comfortable throughout my appointment and compared to other therapists I’ve seen, Lucas is excellent value for money and I will be going to see him regularly.

Raadhika Sudhir

I had bad neck pain and had two sessions with Lucas, results are amazing . I had to stop driving for a week as I couldn’t turn my head to left side. After one session it improved and I could drive my self for the second session. Lucas has gibbon me stretching exercises as well. I would definitely recommend Lucas.

Sonia Bal

I found out about Lucas Massage Therapy via Google, looking at reviews for therapists around Watford. Lucas came up with some of the highest reviews, interms of Quality of Service, Communication and overall treatment.

I’ve had 2 sessions of therapy so far and I’m already feeling the benefits. Best thing I’ve done to assist myself instead of procrastinating. Not gonna lie, it’s super painful but the results are amazing!!!.

I will definitely be continuing with the Deep Tissue Therapy so that I can assist my body as it progresses towards 50. Lucas comes highly recommended via my behalf.


Lucas is very professional and helpful. The treatment was very thorough and has helped immensely. I have recommended him to friends and family and will continue to do so.


Amazing Therapist..I would not hesitate to recommend Lucas to anyone who’s in need of a good Sport Therapist to get back to their normal activity…..he is someone who really cares about people getting better….5 Star Lucas!!


Very professional and welcoming. Great service. Can’t recommend it enough

Rebecca Obrien

Lucas is highly professional and efficient. I leave feeling brand new!

Samantha Harness

Lucas has really helped with my lower back problem and has significantly reduced the pain, I would highly recommend him.
I will be continuing to use Lucas as he improves my problem week by week. Thanks Lucas, keep up the great work!

Luke Anthony

I’ve visited Lucas twice now, both a few days before races, and have felt the benefits immediately. He is knowledgeable, clear and precise, and ensures you are comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend.

antony cockerell

Absolutely top class service. I felt immediate relief from tight muscles and increased flexibility. Lucas was very friendly, providing insight and tips throughout.

Marc Jones

I visited Lucas Massage Therapy because of tight shoulder and neck muscles, after my first visit I felt much looser, after 4 visits my neck and shoulders feel much better and no longer have the tension headaches that I used to have. Lucas is very professional and gives very good advice on stretching and relaxation techniques as well as creating a very calm, relaxed and professional environment to receive the treatment. After several visits to an Osteopath before discovering Lucas, with no results, I would recommend Lucas Massage Therapy to anyone who is suffering from muscle related issues. After every visit I have felt less tight and much more relaxed.

Claire Bentley

Lucas has been great! Always very impressed with the results!

M Cyb

From just one session with Lucas a long term issue with my hip was hugely relieved and has not recurred since. He has also done some great work to relieve tension in a painful shoulder after a second session. I fully intend to return to Lucas more regularly.

Greg Wiley

I’ve used Lucas Massage Therapy twice now to help loosen up tight muscles from running and the excessive sitting whilst working from home. Lucas really help loosen up my shoulders which have been suffering a lot recently and his work on my legs and glutes has really helped keep things going for my longer runs. Would definitely recommend.

Bev Wilcox

I would highly recommend Lucas Massage. The massage and advice given was fantastic.

Warren Bragg

I had a motorbike accident and went to Lucas after to help ease my neck & back as part of my recovery and it really helped a lot.
I have recently injured my shoulder and so have gone straight back to Lucas and the results are just as good!
Really gets to the root of the problem and explains whats happening, what needs to be done to resolve the issue and what to avoid/do so that (hopefully) it doesn’t happen again.
Would recommend to anyone.

Matty F

Lucas has been the main reason I can live pain free, relieving me of my shoulder and previous back pain. He is the most skilled massage therapist I have ever visited, who offers complete communication along the way. I would recommend Lucas to anyone that suffers with back/shoulder pain from working in an office.

Natallie Lucien

I’ve attended Lucas Massage Therapy on a few occasions and my only regret is not attending more frequently. My partner attends regularly & also has great experiences with Lucas. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable and skilled! Any issues I have with my neck and back he talks through with me and always checks if the pressure applied is ok during my massage. I always leave feeling lighter and less tight. I will continue to attend & have recommended to my friends.

Dimitrios Gkouvas

I’ve been to Lucas 2 times last month, with pain in my upper back and shoulders, especially on the left side. Lucas was very good at helping me with the pain and make me feel better. I would highly recommend him.

Nick dP

Lucas is a great masseuse and has helped me out with several sporting injuries. Excellent service, would recommend.

Naomi Lovini

After going to see three different specialist to fix my shoulder and back pain with no success, I came across Lucas on the internet. Within two sessions my pain was gone. My issue is reoccurring, because of the work I do, so I will be going back every few months to see him, but he gives me exercises and postures to help keep it at bay. Highly recommend! Magic hands!!

Nikki Bleakley

I’ve used Lucas’s services a couple of times now and have been really pleased with the results. He treats in a holisitc way offering guidance and support generally in addition to massage. Thanks for all your help Lucas

Anna Hampton

I have been going to Lucas once a week following an injury to my back and he has been amazing! He is very knowledgeable and has also given me exercises to do to help with the pain!

Jennifer Wood

Can highly recommend Lucas, his massages work wonders with the back and leg issues I sometimes experience.

Daniel Cardozo

I have been to see Lucas 3 times now with different sports injuries over a couple of years. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable, professional and has helped each injury immensely. The setting of his practice is clean and relaxing and I cannot speak highly enough of him. Hopefully, I won’t have too many reasons to visit with any more injuries, but if I do Lucas is the guy to see! Thanks again Lucas!

L Francis

Good massage

Son of Abraham

Lucas has greatly helped me make progress towards fixing a very complex shoulder issue. his massaging skills are excellent, not to mention Lucas is a real gentleman, friendly and easy going. I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone.


Ross Hampton

Very highley reccomend Lucas! Ive had back problems for years and within a few sessions i can really feel the difference.

Simon Feldman

Lucas is super!

Pareesa Kara

Great sports massage from a friendly professional therapist

David Jackson

I work as a walking guide in the Chilterns. I’ve been struggling with tendinitis for 3 years, I’ve had treatment with Lucas for a couple of months now and there is a big improvement, helping me be pain free going up and down Snowdon last week.

Jaynie O’Rourke

Went to Lucas with a pretty bad injury in my shoulder/neck region. Within two sessions I’m feeling better than I did before the injury! He’s a lovely guy who very obviously knows what he’s doing. Very highly recommend.

Lily Wong

Excellent therapist, sessions are easy to book, would definitely recommend.

danielle cleary

Have had 2 60 minute sessions with Lucas. The room is very relaxing and the sessions were extremely professional and relaxing. Booking was very easy though the website and great directions were given before the appointments. Will definitely be booking again very soon as my muscles never feel better than when leaving an appointment.

Steven Jake Blake

Easy booking system, nice guy and more importantly, a good massage!

Agnes Szucs

If you have any muscular problems, look no further!
Absolutely recommended, he is a real expert. He’s very helpful too so if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask him, really knowledgeable.
Thanks again, see you soon 🙂

Kal El

Working as a dentist has made me prone to upper back pain. Lucas has helped to alleviate this. I recently moved to Leeds but still come down for treatment because his therapy is so effective! I highly recommend him.

Tommy Ware

Great service and knowledge and has been great to help out with sporting and work muscle issues. Recommend!

Ehson Dejahang

Miracle worker!! Recommend to anyone with long term injuries!! Many of my ailments finally sorted out after seeing Lucas!

Zeeshan Rahman

Excellent therapist. Really professional and do not push for additional sessions than required

Mathew Abraham

Lucas got good attitude with great massaging skills. He identified all the muscle/tissue tightness on my back, shoulder and neck then loosened it with massages. This relieved me from my ribs, back and shoulder pain which I was suffereing for almost a year.

Moor Ortho

Lucas is exceptional at what he does. Look no further. You owe it to yourself to go and see him whether or not you have any aches and pains! If there was such a thing as X-ray vision…that’s what he has. He is able to identify and locate problem areas with great precision. Deep tissue massage at its best. I am a picky customer and not easy to please! He’s very good indeed

Astral Realms

Went to Lucas for my neck, shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle injuries. His treatement works every time! I used to suffer from neck tension headaches which have stopped. Better blood flow = better healing. Would reccomend over the NHS for all injuries, great for returning to sport quickly.

Joseph Cusack

Saw me on short notice for a back issue. Very good service.

Linda Oriordan

Very pleased with Lucas Massage and recommend highly.

Tom Mayo

Lucas really helped me with a chronic injury. He is attentive, knows what he is doing and was great at helping me to continue healing at home. I can’t recommend him enough!

Keith Smithson

Excellent therapy with useful information on how to look after any injury or strain. Highly recommended.

Tim Maynard

As a triathlete I regularly have muscle soreness in my legs. Lucas has been very thorough in his treatment of my calves and hamstrings as I try to continue competing as an older athlete!

Ian Niven

My back was hurting me due to a lot of heavy gardening. In 2 sessions Lucas sorted my tight and tender muscles and gave me the confidence to keep working with better techniques. So good in fact I think he did himself out of business since i don’t need him all the time!

Mark Thomas (Mark)

Great advice, very professional service.

Abbas Khaku

Lucas is highly effective – really helped with quite a few issues I was having, partly to do with working in an office. Very helpful advice and tips on stretches for long term relief. Have recommended to friends and family

Barry O’Donnell

Very professional and really felt a difference after my first session. Highly recommend Lucas Massage 10/10


Highly recommend Lucas, the treatment was great.

Claire Parker

Lucas gave a really thorough massage – my shoulders feel about 10cm lower than they did yesterday, and all the clunking when I move them has disappeared! He also gave some great advice on stretching and posture. Highly recommended.

Mark Smith

I have being receiving treatment from Lucas for various injuries over the last 2 years. His knowledge of sports injuries and treatment is outstanding,I train 3 – 4 times per week at high intensity, This takes a toll on the body. Lucas manages to not only repair but gives great advice on maintenance.
I have and will continue to recommend his service.

Erick Kowalski

Helped my shoulder pain. Very professional at good price. Highly recommended

Peter O’Brien

Had a first visit. The 50% discounted first appointment makes you realise that the full price is good value. Seriously good massage for a minor injury of a minority sport, he knew what muscle groups to work on immediately. Will be going back, for sure.

Harry C.

I went to Lucas because I fell whilst snowboarding and suffered from stiffness in my back and neck. He is very thorough and knowledgable, and the treatment was very effective.

I have since reterned to him many times for other issues like long term knee pain , which was fixed in just one session!

Lucas is very easy to talk to and get on with, and gives excellent advice on what to do to avoid developing these problems in the future.

Overall great guy and amazing service.

Watford Gracie Jiu-Jitsu CTC

Amazing! I am a full time Martial Arts instructor and Lucas helps keep my muscles on good working order.

vanessa mackay

This is not for someone looking for a bit of pampering. Lucas finds the bits that hurt then works on them. He does stop if you scream. Despite the pain I look forward to seeing him. I’ve tried normal physiotherapy acupuncture chiropractor and Amatsu. This hands on approach works far better for me. Good offers if you want to book a course of treatments. Always runs to time.

Anita Kumar

Testimonial of Lucas: Sports massage therapist

I have been a client of Lucas’s now for several months. I am a doctor and have suffered bad back ache for about 8 years and this was worsened by a kick boxing injury. I have visited chiropractors and physiotherapists and had only slight improvements in the pain. After seeing Lucas for a few times, I had a massive improvement in my back ache and still cannot believe I could get such total relief from my symptoms from these massages. He is like a magician and though the massage is deep, I have never had a muscle spasm or worsening of the situation afterwards, as I have had from other massages where the therapists don’t know what they are doing. Lucas is the best value for money ever if you have muscle pain, muscle tightness or muscle related injuries. Thank you Lucas.

Dr. Kumar

Sammy Wu

The best. Provides effective therapy and very useful advice on stretches and lifestyle adaptations to help with tension and posture. Has really helped with my tight neck and shoulders. Highly recommended.

Marketa R

I visited Lucas because I had a back pain from constant bending down and lifting up my baby. He located the source of my pain, worked on my tight muscles and helped me to feel great again.
I had a fantastic experience, I highly recommend him.
I only wish I visited UK more often to get regular sessions.

Laura Sheldrake

Lucas is the therapist I have been looking for at least 30 years! He actually makes a real difference to my well-being and ability to keep on training. I have exercised a lot ever since I can remember but have suffered several injuries, including severe whiplash and 2 bulging discs in my back. These have caused me constant discomfort, tension and have sometimes made normal movement and exercise impossible. I now have regular massages from Lucas and would highly recommend him for his professional ability and his great personality. In fact at least 5 of my friends now go to see Lucas too……I can’t say any more – he’s just the best.

Julian Sheldrake

Having suffered for years with a number of long term sporting injuries my wife took action and arranged for me to see Lucas. I am now pain free and enjoying a prolonged period of aggressive training once more.
I would highly recommend Lucas, he knows his profession extremely well and has made a huge difference to the quality of my life.

S Bradshaw

Lucas is very professional and he knows what he is doing, not even 4 weeks ago i started seeing him and my shoulder pain is gone! any office workers that have strained muscles from sitting at your desk all day or if you have had any muscle injury i highly recommend him!

Benjamin Howard

Lucas is very good at his job. Highly recommended for any issues with muscles/posture. Very thorough.

Scott Biggerstaff

Lucas has treated me with a number of sports injuries and has helped me to rehabilitate and strengthen my body giving me more confidence and better performance when participating in sports. I have now been visiting Lucas on a regular basis for over 6 months and Lucas is extremely professional and knowledgeable and is always available to provide sports injury and sports massage care. Very Highly recommended sports massage in Watford.

Jonathan Phang

In short – if you have any muscular problems then don’t hesitate to see Lucas, I’m sure he will work wonders!!! I started seeing Lucas around 12 months ago, after suffering from repeated back, neck and shoulder pain for many years. Finally decided that it was time to get some proper treatment, instead of wasting time and money on relaxation massages, which only brought brief respite. Lucas was very professional and knowledgeable from the start, discussing what the problems were, and what my working/travelling practices were too, to get an overall view of what factors could be contributing to my pain. The actual massage performed worked wonders. I had real tension in my muscles, and over repeated sessions, Lucas was able to break this down, and leave my back free of the pain that I was so used to, and more flexible than before. I won’t say it was pain free, but I personally felt greater benefits the firmer the pressure. No pain no gain guys! As a regular footballer, I was also able to go Lucas to work on injuries and niggles that would arise from that, with calf, hamstring and thigh problems being alleviated in good time. Unfortunately (for me) I also sustained a nasty knee ligament injury this year, and Lucas is currently assisting in my recovery. This is not only through massage, but also giving my advice on stretches to do at work and exercises that would be most beneficial. Last and not least, he’s a genuinely nice chap to chat to as well. I can’t recommend him enough. I really should have gone years ago.

Mike Cyman

A very professional sports massage therapist in Watford.

I have been visiting Lucas regularly for around 10 months, after a recommendation from a cycling coach that I have a sports massage to help with an issue related to my hamstrings.

High competent, his work has allowed me to continue to cycle pain free.

The best sports massage Watford. Very much recommended.

csp yeung

Best treatment I’ve had for ages. Completely freed up my neck after 60 minutes.

Tracy G85

Best deep tissue I’ve ever had and sorts the issues out

Clare Sharkey

Lucas is a very professional sports massage therapist and extremely knowledgeable.
I would highly recommend a visit to Lucas.

Angela Loftus

Lucas is a unique sports massage therapist- he has the ability to listen to your needs & after 1 session he can radically change your movement as well as reduce pain. You won’t regret a visit to him !

Nicholas Thomas

Lucas works like a magician, amazing treatment!

John Sharkey

Very good massage, undertaken professionally in a comfortable treatment room. Nearby free parking a bonus.

Diana Takacsova

Would highly recommend, he focused on areas what I requested.
Massage felt very professional and I would be definitely coming back!

Venkataprakash R

Went there for lower back massage, could feel a tremendous difference before and after. Lucas is professional, knowledgeable and would highly recommend him ! Thanks

Desmond Poon

Cannot recommend Lucas highly enough. So hard to find good massage therapists or physios, but Lucas is exceptional.

Has massively helped my clicking hip / tight hip flexor / painful lower back in just a couple of sessions. Also really helped mobilise my shoulders and reduce tightness in my plantar fascia.

Have been disappointed with physios and massage therapists in and around the St Albans area. Happy to travel further for excellent treatment.

Natalie Bleicher

Freedom of movement and relaxed posture are very important to me as a musician. Lucas is excellent at finding and fixing tension areas and afterwards I feel taller, freer, and better able to play. I highly recommend Lucas.

Karin van de Laar

Lucas is a brilliant therapist and he has been helping me with back, shoulders and neck problems. I would highly recommend him.

Diana Zachariah

Lucas is fantastic with both massages and educating for future prevention and upkeep.

Richard Foskett

Thank you Lucas. Effective treatment and stimulating conversation as a bonus. Much appreciated.

Peter Allen E v a n s

My second appointment (21/5/2023) with Lucas and I can confirm I am feeling the benefits of his treatments. I’ve booked two more visits for the next two weeks before I go on vacation to hopefully improve my flexibility further.

Steven Pollock

Lucas is friendly and an expert message therapist. I have seen him a few times now and each time I felt much better after and my injuries healed. I have no hesitation in recommending Lucas.

Helen Jedrzejewski

Lucas is an expert at finding all the knots and tackling them, I always feel so much better. He also gave me loads of helpful exercises to do at home. Highly recommended.

Luke Ayto

I’ve been using Lucas massage therapy for 3/4 years now. Having an active job Lucas keeps me at my best, he is always reliable, proffesional and the best at what he does. Strongly recommend *****

Rakesh Chotalia

I booked a pre and post London Marathon massage with Lucas and it really helped. My legs felt great before and after. Lucas is excellent at what he does and gives great advise too about food and exercise. I highly recommend him.

Accurate Curtis

Very professional…
Over all good experience..
Good treatment..
With good advice..
I’ve used lucus massage twice now one for My back and glutes..
And this time for a knee injury…
Darren Curtis.

Steve ausden

Great service, Lucas is a very skilled and knowledgeable masseur, relieved my neck tension successfully

Deborah Denman

excellent service

Majid Hussain

I have had a few sessions with Lucas now and always feel so much better after them. He is 100% focused and pays attention to your issues ensuring you get the maximum out of the time you book with him. Highly recommended.

Best treatment I’ve had for ages. Completely freed up my neck after 60 minutes.

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