sore neck

Sore Neck


Injuries to the neck can be severe in the case of fractured or broken vertebrae. Neck strains are a lot more common and less serious. It is an injury to the muscles or tendons of the neck. Contusions are bruises to the neck’s skin and underlying tissue, generally caused by a direct blow.

Cause of injury

Sudden fast twisting of the neck. A direct blow to the neck. Serious fall.

Sore neck signs and symptoms

Head, shoulder and neck pain. Crackling feeling. Loss of range of movement and neck strength.

Complications unattended

Injuries to the neck deserve medical care and are usually serious. Paralysis, loss of coordination and movement, calcification and osteoporosis are potential side effects. In the event of a fracture, the neck injury is occasionally fatal and may cause paraplegia.

Immediate treatment

Medication for pain. Immobilization to protect the spinal cord.

Sore neck Rehabilitation and prevention

Immobilization for weeks with a brace may be recommended for the neck strains. A brace is usually recommended it. Together with screws, the vertebrae could be surgically pinned in cases of fracture and the individual could be put in a neck cast. Physical therapy and sports massage following healing will try to re-establish strength, range of movement and flexibility. Attention to the proper technique in addition to helmets or other headgear can help stop some neck injuries.

Long-term prognosis

Outcomes for neck injury vary depending on the seriousness and nature. The prognosis is worse with accidents occurring higher up the spine in cases of fracture.

Contusions and neck strains are less serious and their outcome given rehabilitation and treatment is great. Some strains may require surgical repair.

Sports massage in Watford for neck pain

A neck massage is focused on the muscles around the neck and shoulder area. Some muscles worked on during a neck massage include the sternocleidomastoid, scalenes and upper trapezius. A neck pain massage will relieve tension, reduce headaches and increase blood flow. Different massage techniques are used to achieve many benefits by increasing muscle temperature to help improve tissue elasticity and reduce joint stiffness. Our sports massage therapist at Lucas Massage Therapy uses sports massage to help reduce neck pain, improve range of motion and release muscle tightness.

Experience the joy of moving freely again

Sports Massage treatment for neck pain and sore neck in Watford to help you feel better, move better & be pain-free

neck pain massage Watford
neck pain massage Watford


Neck stretching exercises

neck stretching

Neck strengthening exercises

Neck strengthening exercises
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