Achilles tendon pain injury

Achilles tendon pain

Achilles tendon strains are usually very painful and need more healing time for full recovery. Achilles tendon pain and an injury for this tendon can be exhausting due to its participation in walking and even balance during weight-bearing. Sports activities that involve pushing against resistance such as weight training and rugby training, also explosive activities like jumping and sprinting contribute to this injury.

There is a strain scale from 1 to 3.

Grade 1 strain:  minor tear of less than 25 per cent of a tendon or stretching.

Grade 2 strain: 20-75% tearing of the tendon fibres.

Grade 3 strain: 70-100% rupture of the tendon fibres.

Cause of injury

Fast and forceful contraction of the calf muscles, mainly when the tendon and the muscle are inflexible or cold. When forcing the ankle upward into dorsiflexion by applying excessive force.

Signs and symptoms

Swelling and tenderness. Pain when rising on the toes. Unable to bend the ankle. Stiffness after resting in the heel and calf area. Pain in the Achilles tendon from first-grade strain with mild pain to third-grade strain with more severe pain.

Complications unattended

If left unattended a minor tear could turn into a rupture. Tendinitis and bursitis might develop from the painful tendon.

Achilles tendon pain immediate treatment

RICER. Anti-inflammatory diet and medication. Then massage and heat to promote healing and blood circulation. Medical help and immobilization for grade 3 strains.

Achilles tendon pain rehabilitation and prevention

Rest is very important and a slow return to sports activity has to be undertaken. strengthening and stretching calf muscles is an important part of rehabilitation and to prevent a recurrence. Always Warm up the calf muscles before exercise. Mainly the muscles involving contractions like sprinting to prevent strains.

Achilles tendon pain long-term prognosis

Because of the lower blood supply in tendons, they take longer to cure than the muscle. with rehabilitation and proper rest, the Achilles tendon can return to normal functioning. Severe ruptures can require surgery.

Achilles tendon pain

Achilles tendon treatment – Sports massage in Watford

Achilles tendon massage is focused on the tendon and calf muscles like gastrocnemius, soleus and plantaris muscles located in the lower half of the leg. A massage involves various techniques aimed to reduce pain and improve recovery. An Achilles tendon treatment aims to relieve muscle tightness and improve blood flow. It will help with full recovery, and help a person return to exercise soon. Our sports massage therapist at Lucas Massage Therapy uses calf massage to help reduce pain, tension and tightness of the muscles.

Experience the joy of moving freely again

Sports Massage for Achilles tendon in Watford to help you feel better, move better & be pain-free

Achilles Tendon


Achilles Tendon exercises

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