Tennis elbow

Tennis elbow pain

is the most common overuse injury in the adult elbow. It causes the bony prominence on the outside of the elbow to become tender and painful. The affliction is often related to overuse of the muscles attaching to the lateral epicondyle of the humorous or related to strain. Direct trauma to the elbow happens less frequently. The extensor muscles of the forearm, that straighten the wrist, become strained from overuse. It usually causes pain and inflammation where they attach to the bone. The supinator muscle that allows the forearm to be twisted to the palm-up position can lead to tennis elbow pain. Tendons can become taut or restricted and may cause irritation.

Tennis elbow causes

Overuse of the muscles connected to the elbow.  Arthritis, gout or rheumatism. Direct injury to the elbow.

Tennis elbow symptoms

The elbow is inflamed. The elbow is tender and painful to touch. Also, movement is painful.

Complications unattended

Tennis elbow is usually treated without surgery. The condition could worsen with the potential for muscle or tendon damage.

Tennis elbow treatment

RICER for 48-72 hours following injury. Avoid any activities that cause repetitive stress to the elbow. The use of analgesics and inflammatory medication.

Rehabilitation and prevention

A bandage or a splint could be used to immobilize the elbow that is injured and prevent movement. Any activities involving stress to the elbow have to be prevented until the condition gets better.  A rest period of eight weeks is advised. After strengthening exercises are given. Surgery can be required.

Long-term prognosis

Only a few patients usually require surgery. 80-90 per cent find the condition significantly improved.

Elbow massage
Tennis elbow pain 4

Tennis elbow treatment – Sports massage Watford

Sports massage will increase circulation to the tendons on the elbow joint, and positive results are seen. It helps break down the tension in the tendons, and scar tissue, alleviates pain, releases muscle spasms and improves flexibility. Sports massage focuses mainly on the upper and lower regions of the arm. There are a range of different muscles that make up the arm. Muscles that make up the arm include; the biceps, triceps, brachialis, brachioradialis, coracobrachialis and the extensor carpi radialis brevis.

Sports massage is effective for tennis elbow pain by relaxing tendons and muscles in the forearm. The pain will be relieved while grip strength, range of motion, and functional hand use will be improved. An arm massage aims to decrease tension and pain using a variety of different techniques. Our highly trained sports massage therapist at Lucas Massage Therapy in Watford uses sports massage to help treat tennis elbow pain, stress and muscle tightness.


Experience the joy of moving freely again

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What are the benefits of Sports Massage for tennis elbow pain?

Sports Massage will help:

  • Reduce the pain.
  • Improve recovery and enhance rehabilitation.
  • Increase the circulation which helps healing and removes metabolic waste.
  • Improve range of movement.
  • Induce connective tissue repair. Tendinitis tennis elbow.
  • Improve muscle balance in the forearm.

Tennis elbow treatment and prevention

Tennis elbow
Tennis elbow pain 5

Tennis elbow exercises

Tennis elbow
Tennis elbow exercises

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