sauna after workout & sports massage

Sauna After Workout & Sports Massage

Sauna BenefitsPhysiological

The main benefits come from the heat source. The skin is affected most by the heat. It increases the demand for blood to the skin and causes the blood vessels to dilate. When the blood increases the body’s blood pressure drops. It causes the heart to beat faster and more efficiently. This is one of the best benefits of exercise. It is like doing mild cardio exercise by sitting down.

A Sauna After Workout & Sports Massage helps to detoxify your body. When our body temperature increases it kills fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites. It helps to dislodge toxins even from teeth, sinuses and bones.

We tend to sweat a lot during and after the exercise. The heat in the sauna works similarly. The heat makes the body sweat it eliminates toxins and helps stimulate proper organ functioning. The muscles that you worked on during exercise start to relax. When blood flow increases the distribution of oxygen occurs. You can decrease cramps in your muscles.

Sauna BenefitsPhysical

Saunas have been used for healing because they distress and relax you. Regular sauna helps other physical aspects of the body.

  • Taking the sauna helps lose weight. When we are sweating we can drop weight in pounds because it takes some of the water out. It is important to drink water after sauna.
  • Saunas are great for the skin. As our skin gets clogged due to blackheads, acne and pimples, the heat unclogs the pores and sweats out the toxins. After the workout, a sauna will help eliminate dead skin cells and expose new layers of skin. The skin will look younger.
  • Sauna helps burn fat deposits. It gets removed from the muscles. When the body’s metabolic process increases, you burn more calories.
Sauna After Workout & Sports Massage
Sauna After Workout & Sports Massage

How to use the sauna properly

  • Try to drink at least 1 l of water before the sauna session. You need to stay hydrated.
  • Staying in the sauna between 15 and 20 minutes is enough.
  • You can use a towel to wrap it around your body. Relax and breathe slowly.
  • If you experience any anxiety or start to hyperventilate leave the sauna.
  • After the session drink plenty of water to hydrate.
  • You can rest for a while and stretch your muscles.

Don’t consume any drugs or drink alcohol before the sauna. Always consult using a sauna with your doctor.

After sports massage, sauna or workout we recommend you do the following

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Eat only a light meal
  • Keep warm

Sauna Benefits

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