reduce sugar now

Reduce Sugar

You could remove sugar from your diet. Sugar is deeply embedded in our own lives. It is everywhere, hidden in sudden foodstuffs like sauerkraut, ketchup, mayonnaise and lots of different sauces. It is a significant part of the rituals surrounding foods and social exchanges. Luscious dessert, bringing sweets to a hostess. The problem is that we love it so much.

Reduce sugar because it is a highly addictive substance, harder to quit than nicotine. Cutting down is tough too. There are ways to reduce sugar cravings naturally. So to bolster your resolve, think if that pastry in the morning’s enjoyment is worth suffering pain for. Also, a bowl of granola is considered a healthy food and cereals are full of sweeteners or glass of juice or a piece of cheesecake. Quantify carefully your enjoyment of these sweet treats against your desire to see which weighs heavier on the scale, and to eliminate the pain.

Sugar attaches to the proteins in the fascia, triggering a chemical reaction which makes these proteins hard and stiff. It is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish with the stretches. The body views the affected tissue as foreign and attacks it, resulting in an inflammatory reaction, if this process goes on for quite a long time.

Reduce sugar now
Reduce sugar 3

Start looking for one of those ingredients on the label, if you can not live without something sweet.

  • Stevia comes from the leaves of a naturally sweet plant and is available as a liquid or powder. It is sweeter than sugar, so you can use only a bit to prevent an unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Raw honey contains trace minerals and beneficial enzymes. You only use cold-processed honey and a small amount.
  • Inositol is a naturally sweet nutrient found in many plant foods. You can get it as a powder.
  • Agave nectar can cause weight gain but it doesn’t trigger the body to produce insulin.
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Reduce Sugar Now

Harden your resolve, go through your cabinets and throw out everything that resembles soda, juice, biscuits, any kind of sweets and cakes. These products contain lots of sugar that you don’t need. As a replacement, have fruit and eat whole fruit because it contains the fibre the way nature intended it to be eaten by you.  Avoid eating fruit that is frozen or from cans, which usually has more sugar added to it.

Sometimes it is not easy to reduce sugar and live without dessert. However, you don’t have to. I find products that use healthier sugar substitutes. Rather than pastry or a muffin in the morning, try a bowl of organic oatmeal with fruit, seeds and nuts. You will avoid any inflammation-promoting sugar, but you will have enough nutrition until lunch.

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