Pre-event and Post event massage Watford

Pre-event and Post event massage Watford

The pre-event massage is a very beneficial additional part of the athlete’s preparation for competition.

Massage is done before an event. Massage usually takes 15 – 20  minutes and an hour before the event. Some athletes may prefer to have a pre-event massage for 30 or 60 minutes one or two days before. The focus of this massage isn’t a warm-up – merely part of it. This type of massage increases circulation, warms joints and muscles, improves neuromuscular response and muscle toning.

These are the most common pre-event massage techniques. Petrissage, effleurage, shaking, vibration, tapotement, mobilizing and stretching. Focus is always on the muscles and joints that will be used the most in that activity.
Some athletes want to have the pre-event massage one or two days before. There is more time for better recovery and offer relaxation. It reduces anxiety.

Pre-event massage WatfordBenefits

  • prevent injuries
  • tones muscles
  • enhances warm-up
  • warm muscles and joints
  • reduce muscle tension, improve flexibility and range of movement
  • it can decrease anxiety, heighten the athlete’s sense of well-being and ability to focus
  • performed two days to ten minutes prior to the event
  • 15 to 20 minutes of brisk treatment or 30 to 60 minutes a day or two before the event
  • concentrate on the main muscles involved in the event
  • little or no draping
  • no changes are made to the length of the muscles
  • the techniques that do not cause pain
  • the techniques are not too deep
  • increase circulation to the main large muscles that will be used
  • increase the temperature of the muscles
  • soften the connective tissues
  • reduce muscle strain
  • reduce overall anxiety
  • Pre-event and Post event massage Watford reduce anxiety
  • also important are additional advantages including changes in brain wave activity, lowered blood pressure, and reduced cortisol levels
Pre-event and post event massage watford
Pre-event and post event sports massage watford

Post event sports massage Watford

Post-event massage can take place within 2 hours up to 48 hours of their performance. It focuses on assisting in recovery from the event, reducing muscular and connective tissue tension. Post-event massage mainly focuses on the large muscle groups according to the sports activity.

  • restore flexibility
  • relive muscle cramps, if required
  • reduce muscle tension
  • improve the circulation
  • delay (DOMS), muscle soreness

Post event sports massage Watford

  • applied to reduce muscle tension, congestion, and muscle soreness and restore flexibility. If necessary, relieve muscle cramps.
  • usually onsite
  • performed within 48 hours following the event
  • 15 to 20 minutes or more, reasonably paced treatment
  • compression, stretching, gentle joint motions, fulling and lifting are used
  • concentrate on the major muscles involved in the athletic event
  • No heavy stokes are used

Blood circulation is increased which reduces the metabolic buildup in the muscles and delivers oxygen to the tissues. The athletes feel achy and sore for a few days because metabolic byproducts are chemicals built up in the muscle tissue. With massage stiffness and sore muscles that usually discourages people from exercise will be prevented.

Post event sports massage is slower-paced, providing overall comfort relief and concentrating on the muscles used during the event. Deep strokes are avoided. They can harm the fatigued tissues. Joint motions and compression are contained in post-event massage patterns. The speed of this application is slow to avoid causing a muscle cramp during an athlete’s post-event massage. Joint movement and gentle stretching may be applied to promote circulation and relax tight muscles.

Stretching piriformis syndrome
Pre-event and post event massage watford

Experience the joy of moving freely again

Pre event and Post event massage Watford to help you feel better, move better & be pain free

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Pre-event and post event massage therapy watford

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