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Maintenance massage in Watford is for regular and ongoing treatment of muscle tightness, strain and soreness as a result of chronic repetitive stress. It is usually a 30 to 60-minute session in which I focus on specific muscle groups or full body massage. It mainly depends on the patient and the time of the session. I may perform the full body massage if 120 minutes of the session is booked. The combination of different techniques is anatomically applied to the fascia, the muscles, tendons and ligaments. It addresses the myofascial and neuromuscular systems of the body.

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I follow the general application of working from general to specific, superficial to deep and of course according to the patient’s needs. When determining the specific needs of my patient I always consider if the activity is upper body or lower body dominant or combine both of them. When I have a cyclist as a patient for instance. Cycling is a lower-body dominant sport with some upper-body stress points. In a 60-minute maintenance massage Watford session, I will first warm the cells with basic massage strokes. I can spend half a maintenance sports massage on the lower body and spend the rest of the session on the chest, neck and back areas as they’re also used for cycling.

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Restorative massage in Watford

Restorative Massage is also called post-recovery massage. It can take place 5 to 72 hours after the athletic event. The main purpose of restorative massage will be to increase blood flow and restore the muscles’ normal length. During a sporting event, some of the muscles contract repeatedly with a great deal of force. the muscles that happen to be contracting after the event can quickly get to shorter resting lengths. They need to be lengthened to activate their antagonistic muscles. That is why restorative massage could be the perfect possibility to stretch and lengthen the muscles that were active at the event.

Restorative massage Watford restores normal resting length and increases circulation to the muscles.

  • Performed six to seventy hours after the sports event
  • 30 to 120 minutes of massage treatment
  • Using STR, PNF and MET  techniques, petrissage, effleurage, compression and stretching.
  • Focusing on the main muscles used in the event.
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