Lower back pain

Lower back pain

Lower back pain. Ligament sprain of the back.

Repetitive stress sudden, irregular movement or heavy load on the ligaments can result in tearing of the ligaments or sprain. The subsequent injury, which affects athletes in a wide variety of sports creates pain and varying levels of immobility.

Cause of injury

Lifting beyond normal capacity. Fast rapid torsion of the spine, including a fall during football, skiing, snowboarding or other activities. Unprepared movement with the back.

Lower back pain signs and symptoms

Lower back pain and stiffness. Bending over is limited and pain when straightening the back. inflammation and tenderness.

Complications unattended

A sprain to the ligaments will need proper rest and allow enough time for healing. The pain and stiffness preclude normal activity. If any sports activity is continued before healing, further ligament tear and lasting injury might result. A mild ligament sprain could become acutely painful and incapacitating if dismissed.

Lower back pain immediate treatment

RICER regimen after injury. Anti-inflammatory diet. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Lower back pain rehabilitation and prevention

A few days’ rest could allow a return to most normal daily activities if a ligament sprain is mild. This should be undertaken to reestablish flexibility in the spine. Strengthening exercises for the back are not recommended until full recovery. Stretching and warm-ups before sports, focusing on proper technique and proper posture can help prevent this injury.

Long-term prognosis

Less than 5 per cent of injuries in the back require surgery. Surgery is rarely warranted for ligament sprain. Six or nine weeks of recovery are usually required. The possibility of re-injury will increase if the healing is not complete.

Sports massage for lower back in Watford

Sports massage provides substantial healing and pain relief for many lower back pain problems. Specifically, for pain caused by a back strain. A lower back massage focuses on muscles including the quadratus lumborum, latissimus dorsi and the erector spinae, located around the spine. Pain in the lower back can be caused by many different reasons. One of the reasons for lower back pain is muscle tightness.

Sports massage has lots of benefits for pulled muscles in the back. It helps warm up muscles and increase blood and lymphatic circulation, encouraging more healthy nutrients to be passed around the body and more toxins to be removed. A lower back massage uses a variety of different techniques to help treat a range of injuries. Our sports massage therapist at Lucas Massage Therapy uses lower back massage to help reduce pain, tension and tightness of the muscles.


Experience the joy of moving freely again

Sports Massage for lower  back in Watford to help you feel better, move better & be pain-free


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