Hip flexor pain

Hip flexor pain


Hip Flexor Pain – Hip Flexor Strain

Hip flexors are situated on the front of the hip. They bend the waist down or forward if the limbs are fixed and lift the thigh up. These muscles are used a lot in biking, kicking, running and jumping activities. Every time a new load is placed on the muscle or repetitive stresses are encountered without rest, the muscle can stretch or tear.

Cause of injury

Stress that is repetitive on the hip flexor muscles without sufficient time for recovery. Excessive stress is placed without strengthening and warm-up on the muscles. Improper techniques when cycling, running or other sports activities. hyperextension of the leg at the hip that is forceful.

Hip flexor pain signs and symptoms

The upper groin area over the anterior part of the hip is usually painful and also movement of the leg at the hip. There is an  Inflammation and tenderness in the hip flexor.

Complications if left ignored 

If hip flexor strain is not treated it could become chronic and lead to inflexible muscles. other injuries could occur. The muscle might tear and also lead to a rupture in the attachment.

Hip flexor pain treatment

Ice the area for 48-72 hours. Stop the activities that could aggravate the hip flexors. Anti-inflammatory diet. Sports massage for hip pain is very beneficial for promoting blood flow and healing. Heat application.

Hip flexor pain rehabilitation and prevention

Conditioning is important for prevention and rehabilitation of the hip flexor strain injury. Strong muscles are more resilient and flexible. Use of proper stretching of the muscles around the hip, abdominals, hip flexors, back, hamstrings and quadriceps. It will reduce the stress load on the hip flexors. Strengthening the hip flexor muscles, psoas, lower back and abdominal muscles. It will help with the preparation of the hip for any stresses.

Hip flexor pain long-term prognosis

There is a possibility for inflexibility and chronic pain. Hip flexor strains usually recover fully. Good rest and active recovery with strengthening and stretching exercises are given.

Sports Massage Watford for Hip Flexor Strain and Hip Pain


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