groin strain

Groin strain


Just like any strain, groin strain also known as the pulled groin is a tear or stretch of the tendons or all the adductor muscles of the inner thigh muscles. Hockey, football, tennis and other sports that require quick and pivoting changes of direction are the most frequent actions for pulled groin. These sports injuries range from simple stretching of the muscles to more severe tearing of the muscle fibres. Just like other strains, it’s graded from one to three. The three is the most severe tear.

Because of this function and location, athletes engaged in sports in which the leg is moved inward or outward are often susceptible to injury.

Cause of groin strain

Forceful extending stretch of the adductor muscles of the hip. When contraction of the adductor muscles is forceful. When sprinting or kicking a ball. Overuse of the adductor muscles may result in inflammation in the groin (adductor tendinitis).

Groin strain symptoms

Grade 1: Mild groin pain. Adductor muscles are stiff with no or little impact on sports performance.

Grade 2: Pain may increase. Some tenderness, swelling, restricted range of motion, pain when walking or running.

Grade 3: Really painful. Pain with weight-bearing, significant swelling, pain at night or at rest.

Complications if left unattended

Groin strains that are untreated may result in pain that could result in injuries in other areas and an awkward gait. A small muscle tear can become severe and eventually a full tear.

Groin strain treatment 

RICER. Anti-inflammatory diet or medication. For Grade three, it might be necessary to look for medical care.

Groin strain prevention and rehabilitation

A strengthening and stretching programme for minor tears is advised. Strains that are severe will require more rest. Proper longer warm-up activities before exercise.

Prevention of groin strain demands more warming up before sports activities. Stretching for better flexibility in adductor muscles and strengthening the abductor muscles, hip flexors and abdominals for great balance.

Long-term prognosis

Groin strains will cure with no lasting effects. The most severe strains with tears that are complete need surgery.

Groin strain treatment Sports massage Watford

Sports massage for groin strain (pulled groin) is focused on the entire thigh, anterior and posterior, accenting the adductors on the medial aspect. A sports massage involves a range of different techniques as transverse massage that helps reduce muscle tightness, relieve pain and increase blood circulation. A sports massage will improve tissue strength, and range of movement and enhance recovery. It will also help a person being treated return to sports activities soon. The sports massage therapist at Lucas Massage Therapy in Watford uses sports massage & deep-tissue massage to treat muscle tightness and relieve any pain, stress and tension.

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groin strain
groin strain

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