frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

A frozen shoulder causes severe restriction of shoulder movement due to pain. The condition results from abnormal bands of tissue that form on the joint capsule. It causes pain in movement and restricts motion. Synovial fluid which generally lubricates the joint space allowing smooth movement is often lacking in this condition. Idiopathic adhesive capsulitis is more prevalent in diabetics and females. The onset may be followed by trauma in the shoulder of the athlete.

Frozen Shoulder Causes

Repeated tearing of tissue surrounding the glenohumeral joint. Scar tissue formation after a shoulder injury. Formation of adhesions after shoulder surgery.

Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

Pain when moving the arm that is affected. Dull pain is often worse at night. Movement of the shoulder is restricted.

Complications unattended

It can get worse over time without a suitable recovery period and treatment. Sports activity involving the frozen shoulder will probably lead to further adhesions of the joint. Restrictions of movement and pain will occur. Production of scar tissue may require surgical removal.

Frozen Shoulder treatment

Applying heat to the shoulder to loosen the joint. Muscle relaxants to relax arm and shoulder muscles.

Frozen Shoulder rehabilitation and prevention

Stretching exercises to restore should mobility accompanied by moist heat to slowly restore mobility. Heat therapy can be combined with physical therapy. Moving the shoulder through the full range of motion a number of times a day. Strengthening exercises will help prevent a frozen shoulder. Injuries to the shoulder need to be provided with medical attention to avoid scar tissue formation.

Long-term prognosis

The recovery period varies depending on the health, age and the underlying cause of the athlete. The operation might be required if the condition fails to improve in 4-6 months. Impairment and some discomfort of movement are common with this injury.

Frozen Shoulder treatment Watford

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Sports Massage Watford for Frozen Shoulder Pain

Sports massage therapy in Watford is really valuable in treating shoulder pain. It increases the blood flow to the injured region and also reduces the formation of scar tissue. Massage ought to be done to decrease muscle stiffness and increase your range of movement. Stiffness and pain are relieved after massage treatments.

Experience the joy of moving freely again

Sports Massage in Watford to help you feel better, move better & be pain-free

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Frozen Shoulder exercises

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Sports massage treatment in Watford, Abbots Langley, Kings Langley, St Albans and Hemel Hempstead.

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